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About DS Dogs

DS Dogs is founded on simple, effective, relationship training. Let's teach ​your dog and smile while doing it!

Rebekah met Dobby and Scotch when she met her now-husband. These two ​love nuggets re-lite a deep life passion (or obsession:) for working and ​learning all about dogs.

Are you looking for something NEW when it comes to dog training?

Have you tried the methods out there and didn't see any real everyday life ​results? We (Rebekah, Dobby, and Scotch) were in the same boat. The ​struggle was very real. Then we found a new way, and it works! Now we ​want to share the ideas, concepts, and strategies with you!

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Professional Academics

Certifications: Certified Professional Dog Trainer -​ K​n​owledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)

CATCH Student, Absolute Dogs Pro Trainer, Ian Dunbar Acadamy

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Who We Are

We offer specialized positive reinforcement dog training and boarding services that are designed to strengthen the bond between pet owners and their canine companions.

Our training services entail providing one-on-one training sessions in the comfort of our clients' homes, where we work directly with them and their furry friends.

Our ultimate objectives are to achieve tangible and measurable results and to enhance the relationship between owners and their dogs.

Boarding services are at our home with specialized care for every sleepover. Let us know if you would like more details!

Starting from $100

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Happy Clients

Haley McCoy

I’m so happy we found Beka! We love her positive reinforcement and fun-based training, and so does our puppy!

Polly Gates

I would highly recommend Rebekah Leder for obedience training. Rebekah is dedicated to her training and truly loves all animals.

Gayle Lee, ASID

I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants a loving, responsive, responsible and well-mannered dog.